How do I reprint a Z Report?

In this lesson you will learn how to print a copy of a Z Report.

Select the Admin Button

• Select the Admin button located on the main screen on your register. (1)

Next Select the X Reports button

Select the X Reports Button

• Type the Number 7 in the Data Display (2)

• Press the X Reports button on your regsiter screen. (3)

Next enter either a Business Date or a Reset Number.

Enter the Business Date or Reset Number

Enter the Business Date or Reset Number

• Enter Reset Number or Business Date, and touch the OK button (4)

Note: Reset Numbers are found at the top of each Z tape

Next Check the System Message

Verify Status Message

Verify Status Message

• Report will begin printing and you will see a message on the screen the register data is being retransmitted to the Manager's Work Station.


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