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How Do I Run an ejrl50 on a Saved ejournal

This lesson will teach you how to run an ejrl50 on a save ejournal.

Connect to the manager's work station.

Go to the data directory.

Once a register runs a Z report, the live ejournal is moved to the store directory.

Go to the store directory. (In the example, the store is 0001.)

Run ejrl50

Run ejrl50

Run ejrl50 for the day you are looking for, plus the previous day and following day.

This will create a text file called ejrl50.txt.

In the example, June 14 is the desired day.

-s will put a space between each sale.

-c will show a cleaned version of ejrl. Default shows uncleaned if processed.

-o will print only the current year results.

View ejrl50.txt

View ejrl50.txt

To view the ejournal text file, type vi ejrl50.txt and press enter.

Exiting ejrl50.txt

To exit the ejournal text file, type :q! and press enter.


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