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How To Move a Reset Date

This lesson will teach you how to move a reset date.


After logging into the MWS, go to the usr/fiscal/data directory.

Go to the store directory. This will be "store####" where #### is the 4-digit store number. In the example, the store number is 0091.

Run an ejrl50 on the day in question, and the day before and after. In the example, the day in question was June 19.

Running the ejrl50 will give you the resets for the requested date range. Ask for the reset number of the missing shift. In the example, the reset in question is 4053.

Looking at 4053, it is seen that the business date is from the previous day, even though it is the third shift of the actual date, it is showing a business date of 06-18-2012 (1) and a shift number of 1 (2).

Type .. then press enter to go to the previous directory.

Type mvscedate and press enter to get the syntax of the command.

Using the notes, fill in the required information and press enter. In the example, I would have typed "mvscedate 4053 0091 02 061812 061912".

This moved data to the correct business date.


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