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PDI Import / Export

PDI Script

PDI Script

The script used to open the PDI Import / Export menu is located in /usr/fbin/pdi_util.s

Import Script

Import Script

The script used to import PDI is located in /usr/fbin/pdiimp.s

Export Script

Export Script

The script used to import PDI is located in /usr/fbin/pdiexp.s

Misc User Button

Misc User Button

Click on the "Create PDI Export" button located on the Misc User Menu

If this button does not exist, then click on the "Edit User Menu" button and add the "Create PDI Export" button. The setup is as follows:

1. Click on the "Add" button. Click the bubble beside "Other Executables", then click on the "Okay" button.

2. Type in all parameters:

   Name - Create PDI Export

   Arguments - "division number" DATE

   Path - /usr/fbon/pdi_util.s

  Check the box beside Console Application

3. Click on the "Apply" button.

Import / Export Menu

Import / Export Menu

Select an Option

1. Exports Fiscal into PDI

2. Imports PDI into Fiscal

3. Exits PDI Menu

Additional Import Information

PDI Import will remove all fiscal stock files expect for those with a product group of GAS. Then the import utility will recreate a stock.dat with the new information from PDI.  When complete the import will remove the REPLACE.PDI file and move PDNLD to PDNLD.save in the /POLL directory.

In the event that the new stock file is not correct, the previous stock file can be restored by using pdipb_restore. Fiscal only backs up the last version of the price book.

Note: PDI import will not run if the REMOVE.PDI file is not located in the /POLL directory.

Log Files

The PDI Import will log to the pdiimp.log file and the PDI export will log to the pdiexp.log file.


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