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What Do I Do When the MWS is Offline at the POS

If you see the MWS is orange on the NTWK line of the POS, use the following steps to correct it.

VNC into the MWS. If you can not connect to the MWS, it is most likely a network error with the MWS.

Steps for GUI MWS

Steps for GUI MWS

1. Open the MWS program and click on the Setup button.

2. Click the Enable/Disable Reg button.

If the POS is offline, click the Start ALL button to restart communications.

This will cause the register to go into an Active Listening state.

After a few seconds the status will change to Online.

Further Troubleshooting

If restarting communications doesn't work, power cycle the MWS and the POS.

If communication are still down, quit out of the MWS2 program to the command line and go to the ftmp directory.

List out all files beginning with REG. Remove any REGerror files.

Remove hinfo.dat

Restart communications again from the mws2 program. You should see the POS come back online at this point.

The MWS should be GREEN in the NTWK line.


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