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What Do I Do When the SC is Offline at the POS

Below are the steps to do if you or the cashier see the SC offline at the POS.

Support Jar

Support Jar

Open support jar and enter the IP address of the sitecontroller, being sure that you are connecting to the sc side (4556)

Once connected, type po## and press enter, where ## is the POS ID.

You will see the opt disconnect and reconnect, eventually with a POS Online message.

Reboot POS

It this is unsuccessful, reboot the POS.

Check travstar.ini

If the reboot did not resolve the communications issue, check the POS IP in the travstar.ini.


In this example, the POSIP should be, but instead is This is keeping the POS from communicating with the SC program on the sitecontroller.


Once the IP has been changed and the travstar.ini has been saved, close it and reopen the register program.

You should see the SC online now.



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