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Fiscal Systems Directory Structures

Data Structure for the MWS

/usr/fbin = some program files, usually scripts

/ftmp = all temporary files (may be deleted)

/usr/fiscal = all program files

/usr/fiscal/data = datafiles

/usr/fiscal/data/store#### = all electronic journals for the specific store

/usr/fiscal/data/store####/tx = files that are transmitted during polling /usr/fiscal/data/store####//rx = files that are received during polling

Data Structure for POS

/Program Files/fiscal = stores all register program files

Data Stucture for Site Controller

Alt F1 (Alt F5 on MWS/SC Combo Unit)

/home/sitecon/sc = all sitecon data and some executables

/home/sitecon/libs = executables (comdump, setup, gilgraph)

Alt F2 (Alt F6 on MWS/SC Combo Unit)

/home/ccl/ccl = credit card data and executables

/home/ccl/libs = executables (editauth)


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