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Master Point of Sale Processing

Inside Transaction

When a transaction is rang up at the register the POS looks at the stock file on the register to see if the item that is being sold is on sale, has a mix & match code, is food stampable, is taxable, is scalable or a random weight item, etc.. After all items are rang up and the transaction is tendered out, the register will send this information to the electronic journal which is stored on both the POS and the MWS2. After processing the electronic journal the MWS2 will update the stock file “On Hand Quantity” immediately. The tender(s) used to paid for the transaction is stored in the scmedia file which is processed at “Z” time.

Inside Fuel Transaction

When a fuel transaction is rang at the register the POS pulls the sales information from the Site Controller and rings it into the current transaction. At this point the fuel item is treated like any other item rang on the Register and the gallons sold are updated in the MWS2 stock file.

Gas Log Processing

When a “Z” report is performed the gaslog file is retrieved by the Master Point of Sale from the Linux Site Controller. The gaslog is processed and the inventory, department and electronic journal are updated with the outside gas totals.

Dispenser Meters Processing

When the Meters button is pressed the Master Point of Sales retrieves the meters file udcmeter from the Linux Site Controller. The previous meters totals are subtracted from the current meters totals, to report the totals  since the last meters report. The meters report is normally run once a day to get the fuel totals for a twenty four hour period. If the TLS environmental variable is set the tank monitor totals are also reported.

Credit Card Batch

When the credit card batch button is pressed the Master Point of Sale requests the Credit Card Library to perform a batch close with all credit card processors that have had a transaction since the last batch report. Some processors do not allow more than one batch end of day report during any twenty four hour period. When the Credit Card Library completes batch processing the Master Point of Sale retrieves the batch reports from the Credit Card Library and prints them on the receipt printer.

Master Point of Sale Data

The Master Point of Sale is used as a common repository for data from other Point of Sale terminals and Payment Terminals. Each Point of Sale and Payment Terminal has a Master Point of Sale IP address that is used to access the Master Point of Sale data directories. Some of the common data is Truck Fleet Receipt and Void Data Files that are used to void a Truck Fleet transaction. This allows all Truck Fleet Receipts and Void Data Files to be accessed by any Point of Sale.


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