POS to MWS Data Flow

Step #1

Sales at pos are logged to the electronic journal and transmitted to the MWS in real-time online to the files /usr/fiscal/data/ejssssrr (where ssss is the store number and rr is the register number).  These ejrls are processed on the MWS and update the inventory files stkdv.dat/idx and stkrm.dat/idx.  The Stock cost information is also updated in stkcst.dat/idx.   The sales details by upc are updated in the stkjrl.dat/idx file in a daily consolidated manner.  Any House Accounts entries are logged to the cust.dat/idx and jrl.dat/idx files as well. Clock in/out entries are also logged into the timeclk.dat/idx file.

  • Inventory files



  • Stock Cost


  • Sales history



  • AR information



  • Time Clock


Step #2

At Register Z time the register shift information is sent across to the MWS into the following files:

  • scetrm.dat/idx - Terminal totals
  • scedpt.dat/idx - Deparment totals
  • scecsh.dat/idx - Cashier totals
  • scmedia.dat/idx - Media totals
  • scetax.dat/idx - Tax totals
  • scesal.dat/idx - Salesperson totals
  • scehrp.dat/idx - Hourly totals
  • scegas.dat/idx - Gas totals
  • piolog.dat/idx - Paid In/Out totals

Step #3

The “Cashier Till Declaration” loads information from the scecsh.dat/idx file    and posts accepted adjustments to the crec.dat/idx file.

  • scecsh.dat/idx  Cashier shift totals from register
  • crec.dat/idx    Adjusted Cashier Till shift totals for day.

Step #4

The “Store Reconciliation” loads the shift totals for a day from the   scetrm.dat/idx and the scedpt.dat/idx to verify balancing and make any   adjustments before posting these totals to our chart.dat/idx.  These posting totals can be exported to other files if setup.

  • gltrm.dat/idx - File used to hold scetrm information for adjustments.
  • gldpt.dat/idx - File used to hold sceedpt information for adjustments.
  • glpost.dat/idx - File to collect posting totals.
  • gldeposit.dat/idx - Cash Deposits
  • gldepacct.dat/idx - Cash Deposits accounts
  • scetrm.dat/idx - Tender information from register
  • scedpt.dat/idx - Department information from register
  • chart.dat/idx - Chart of Accounts information
  • POSREC - ASCII Exported file of posting totals.


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