Pacific Pride TransactionsWhere Can I Find Transaction Information?

Where Can I Find Transaction Information?

Recent Transactions

The Live Transaction Grid displays information about the 50 most recent transactions for a selected location(s).

Select Location(s) to Display

Select Location(s) to Display

By default, the Live Transaction Grid will display information for all locations.  To view only the transactions for a certain location(s)

(1) Click on "Select Locations."

(2) Click check box to the left of each location that is to be displayed.

(3) Once all of the desired locations have been selected, click on "Close x."

Display Additional Information

Display Additional Information

To see additional information for Site, Product, Card Number, or Status simply hover the mouse cursor over the desired field.

Display Receipt

Display Receipt

It is possible to display a receipt for a particular transaction by clicking on a transaction from the list.

Email Receipt

Email Receipt

To email the receipt

(1) Click on "Email Receipt."

(2) The email will be sent from your Login email.

(3) If you wish to be copied on the email, click inside the check box to the left of "Send me a copy."

(4) Type email address of recipient(s).

(5) By default, the subject line of the email will contain the receipt number, but this field can be changed.

(6) You can send an optional message along with the receipt by entering text in the "Message" field.



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