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How Do I Set up and Process a TFT with additional DEF

New Fleet

Touch the "New Fleet" button.

Card Swipe Prompt

Touch "Cancel" when prompted to swipe a credit card.

You will then be prompted to select a method of payment. Touch the Cash button

(1) Touch the dispenser number the customer is going to use

(2) Fuel only so touch the Truck button

(3) Touch the accept button

On the Fleet Data Entry screen, enter the necessary driver information.  

(1) In this example, we have entered the Company Name, Truck Number, and Odometer Reading. The required information will vary depending on the driver.  

Pending Fleet Menu

To Ring the Diesel Transaction to the register, click Pending Fleet. (1)

(1) Select the Transaction and click Unlock. (2) Once Unlocked re-select the transaction and click Select.

Fleet Data Entry

(1) In the Fleet Data Entry Menu verify the dispensed fuel information then click Ring Sale. (2) The Diesel sale will then be sent to the register.

You are now ready to set up the DEF as a separate transaction.

DEF Fuel Pump Selection

For this part of the lesson we have chosen pump 8. (1)

The following part of this lesson is for merging Diesel and DEF transactions together on the register when DEF is being dispensed from a DEF only Pump and the DEF transaction is not being set up through the Fleet Menu.

Merging the Diesel and DEF Transactions

When the driver is finished dispensing the separate DEF transaction you will (1) select the DEF pump with the flashing $ sign then (2) click Ring Gas Sale.  This will merge the DEF transaction together with the Diesel transaction on your register.

Process Transaction

Select Cash or Credit to Process the Sale.


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