How Do I Print Comchecks?

Fleet Menu

Fleet Menu

Touch the "Fleet Menu" button.

Express Check

Express Check

Touch the "Express Check" button.

Enter Driver Information

Enter Driver Information

(1) Type the drivers express code.

(2) Type all additional driver's information using the keyboard.

(3) Touch the "OK" button.

The transaction information will now be sent to the credit processor.  If the transaction is approved, a check should print on your Comdata check printer.


David DIbble

is the express check# the same as the express code?
and does the check being printed depend on the comdata terminal?
and also what should be done if a check does not print?

Valerie Cofield


An Express Code is different from a Check. Comdata has express codes, paper checks (these are filled out by hand), and printed checks.

The check number is found on a physical Comchek. An express code is an account number provided by the driver. An express code is used for authorization of a paper or printed Comchek.

In order to print Comcheks, you must have a Comchek printer provided by Comdata.

If a check does not print and there were no issues on the Fiscal POS for approval, then the cashier will need to contact Comdata.


In the heading for this page it says
"How Do I Setup and Process a Comdata Express Code?"
Where do you enter the express code?

In the box above and on the system, the first entry is "Express Chk No." which is why I asked if the Express check # was the same as the express code for this example.

Valerie Cofield


Yes, in this example you enter the express code in the field labeled "Epress Chk No." I understand how this is confusing to the cashier. I am going to update this lesson to better clarify.

Robert Giasson

Where can I get blank Comcheck?

walter barry

were do I get blank checks?

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