TravStar1 EZ-Auth POSInstallation GuideTCx800-EZ-Auth (New System)

TCx800-EZ-Auth (New System)

EZ-Auth Installation Guide

Getting Started

Full instructions for assembling your EZ-Auth System can be found at the following website Point #7 Installation Guide.


The cable connections are in the following order.

  1. Network RJ45
  2. USB Keyboard
  3. USB to Serial Converter for the Printer
  4. Pinpad MX915 Connection
  5. Main Power Adapter
  6. Thermal Receipt Printer Power Adapter

Contact Help Desk:

Our Help Desk is available 24/7 365 days a year and they can be reached at the following number.

1-800-838-4549 Option 3.

For initial install call 1-800-838-4549 Ext 171 or 179


Training documentation is always available online at the following link.


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