TravStar1 EZ-Auth POS Using the EZ-Auth POS How do I ring a Cash Transaction?

How do I ring a Cash Transaction?

In this lesson, you will learn how to ring a cash sale on the register.

Verify System Status

• Status: IDLE indicates that there is currently nothing in progress on the Register and you are ready to begin a new sale. (1)

Next verify EZ-Auth System status.

Verify System Status

• You will notice that as soon as you ring the first Item your Register Status will change from IDLE to Sale in Progress. (2)

Next Subtotal Sale.

Verify Subtotal Sale

• Once all items are selected, select the Sub Total button. (3)

• Subtotal amount will appear at the top of the screen. (4)

• The customer is now ready to pay cash for the transaction.

Next Enter Cash Amount.

Enter Cash Amount

• Enter the Cash recieved by using the keyboard or the touchscreen number pad. (5)

• Select the Cash Button to complete the transaction. (6)