TravStar1 EZ-Auth POSRunning Fleet TransactionsHow do I run a Cash Fleet Transaction?

How do I run a Cash Fleet Transaction?

In this lesson, you will learn how to ring up a Truck Fleet Transaction.

Select New Fleet Transaction

(1) Select the button labeled New Fleet Transaction.

Next Enter Fleet Data

Card Swipe

For a Cash transaction a Card will not be swiped.

(2) Select the CANCEL button.

Next the Tender Method Selection

Select the Tender Method

(3) Select the Cash button

Next Pre-Edit Fuel Selection

(4) Select Dispenser. In this example we have chosen dispenser 5. In this example, the driver is getting diesel fuel only.  So, we will touch the "Truck" button.

(5) Touch "Truck" if the driver is getting diesel fuel only.

(6) Select "Accept" once the Fuel Selection has been made

Touch "Reefer" if the driver is getting reefer fuel only.

Touch "Both" if the driver is getting both diesel and reefer fuel.

Touch "None" if the driver is not getting either type of fuel.

Enter Fleet Data

(7) On the Fleet Data Entry screen, enter the necessary Driver Information.  In this Example, I have entered the Company Name, Truck Number, and Odometer Reading.

(8) Once you have entered the Driver's Information select the FUEL DISP Button.

Next Select a Dispenser

Select a Dispenser

(9) Select the dispenser icons on the Dispenser Selector Screen. For this example, we have selected dispenser 5.

Next Select the Manual Button

Select the Manual Button

(10) Select the MAN. button to the right of the FUEL DISP button.  (4)

• This will open the Manual Data Entry screen.

Next Enter Manual Data

Enter Manual Data

(11) Make sure that the price is the correct price

(12) Then, enter the total Gallon amount for the transaction

(13) Finally, select the OK button.

Next Ring Sale

Ring Sale

(14) The fuel is released and is ready to be rand into the register. Once the Amount and Volume have been verified, select the RING SALE button.

You will notice your register now shows a status of Sale in Progress.

(15) Next Select the Subtotal Button

(16) Enter the Tendered Cash Amount then select Return

Next Select the Cash Button

(17) Select the Cash button on your Register Screen to complete the transaction.