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What are the Different Parts of the Register Screen?

This lesson discusses the different parts of the register screen and their functions.

Main Screen

(1) Main Display

(2) Status Display

(3) Receipt Display

(4) Data Display

Bank Of Keys

There are multiple banks of keys.  These 2 examples are the home screen, which contains the most commonly used buttons and the fuel screen, which contains the dispenser icons and fuel related buttons.

Main Display

Main Display

The Main Display is located in the top left portion of the screen and it used to display items in a sale, subtotals, and inquiries.  When touched, the Main Display will toggle between your current screen and the fuel screen.

Status Display

Status Display

(1) The first line displays the register software version.

(2) The second line displays the current status of the register (e.g. IDLE, Sale in Progress, and Void).

(3) The third line displays the customer account when an in-house account is used, otherwise the third line is blank.

(4) The fourth line displays network communication status between the register and other Fiscal equipment.  NTWK will always appear in yellow.  However, if MWS, SC, CCL, or FFS appear in yellow,      

     then there is a network communication issue between the register and another Fiscal device.

(5) The fifth line displays the item quantity.

(6) The sixth line displays the cashier currently assigned to the register.

(7) The seventh line displays the current operating shift (1-4) of the register.

(8) The eighth line displays the current date and time.  This line will also notify you when you have a Suspended Sale or when the register is in Manager or Return mode.  Also, you will see the word

     Transfer on this line whenever data is being sent from the Managers Work Station to the register.

Touching this portion of the screen will always return you to your home screen.

Receipt Display

Receipt Display

(1) The Receipt Display, located in the top right portion of the screen, shows the current items in a sale as they will appear on the customer's receipt.  Touch the Receipt Display to open a larger    

     preview of the customer's receipt.  This will display the full receipt for approximately 4 seconds.

(2) If you need more time to look at the receipt touch the "Wait" button.

(3) To exit the Receipt Display touch the "Quit" button.

Data Display

Data Display

(1) The Data Display, located in the top right portion of the screen, displays anything that is typed on the keyboard.  Touching in the Data Display will bring up an on screen number pad.

(2) You can touch the "L" button to move the number pad to the left side of the screen.  Touch the "R" button to move the number pad to the right side of the screen.  When you have finished using the  

     number pad, touch the "Return" button.