How Do I Use the Rest On Pump Feature?

This lesson will teach how to use the Rest On Pump Feature.  With this Feature the remaining amount from a cash tender can be placed on the desired dispenser as a prepay.

Ring up an Item on the Register

(1) On your register locate the button associated with the item. Food Service has been chosen in this example. Touch the Food Service button.

(2) Touch food item to ring up. In this example, Cheese Burger has been chosen. Touch the Cheese Burger button.

Tender the Transaction

Enter the amount to be tendered and Touch the Rest On Pump button.

A System Message Prompt will appear asking you to Enter the Pump Number.  Enter to desired dispenser number then Touch OK.

After Touching OK, a System message will display letting you know the remaining cash amount tendered will be the prepay amount on the chosen dispenser. In this example, 5 was entered for the desired dispenser.

Dispenser status will change to Authorized on your register.