How Do I Process a TChek Check?

A Tchek check is a physical check issued by Tchek. A printed paper check may be presented by the customer or a blank check will be given to the customer to fill out.

Understanding the Fleet Check Process

Fleet checks are used to pay for diesel transactions, fuel and / or cash advances. Handle fleet check transactions as if you are cashing a check. Customers can come in with a fleet check or may request a fleet check from you by name.

You will begin the process by ensuring the customer has completed all blank spaces, except the authorization number. Ask the customer to endorse the bacl of the check. Then ask for the customer's government issued ID to verify that the name in the "Pay to the Order of" field and any other identification information filled out on the fleet check match the information on the ID. Be sure to compare the endorsement signature to the ID as well.

Fleet Menu

Fleet Menu

Touch the "Fleet Menu" button.

Qwik Cash

Qwik Cash

Touch the "Qwik Cash" button.

Touch the "Plus Check" button.



A printed paper check may be presented by the customer or a blank check can be given to the customer to fill out if they have an express code. The Express Code is a secure series of numbers (16 or 24 digits in length) that designate a specific dollar amount when created.

(1) Fill out the following blanks

Name - Type the customer's name

Initial - Type in your initials

Total Amount - Type the amount listed on the check

Invoice Number - This number is generated by Fiscal automatically

Security Number - Type the express code provided by the customer

Unit Number - Type the customer's unit number

Odometer - Type the customer's odometer

(2) Touch the "OK" button.

Check Authorization

If authorization is successful, a receipt will print out with the dollar amount and authorization code. Print the authorization code provided into the authorization code box on the paper check.

The customer can now take the authorized dollar amount as a cash advance, purchase fuel, or both.

Save the paper check to keep with daily paperwork.



If the authorization fails, then the following error screen will appear. At this point you must call the billing company for approval.  Once you receive a voice authorization code frm the billing company, type the approval number using the keyboard and then touch the "OK" button.