TravStar1 Point Of Sale SystemRegister Manual Truck Fleet Transactions (TFT)How Do I Setup and Process a TFT with Tractor Fuel Only?

How Do I Setup and Process a TFT with Tractor Fuel Only?

This lesson will teach you how to start a Truck Fleet Transaction (TFT) and process it for diesel fuel only.  In this example, the customer is paying with cash.  

New Fleet Transaction

Touch the New Fleet button on the Register Display

Card Swipe Prompt

The Register will bring up a notification asking the customer to swipe their card.  

Note: On the MX915 (EMV) Pin Pad, some Fleet Card Customers will be required keep their card inserted in the MX915 Pin Pad slot through the whole process of entering the Customer's Information for the Truck Fleet Transaction.

Pre-Edit Fuel Selection

Fuel Selection

Fuel Selection

(1) Select Dispenser. In this example we have chosen dispenser 5. In this example, the driver is getting diesel fuel only.  So, we will touch the "Truck" button.

(2) Touch "Truck" is the driver is getting diesel fuel only.

(3) Select "Accept" once the Fuel Selection has been made

Touch "Reefer" if the driver is getting reefer fuel only.

Touch "Both" if the driver is getting both diesel and reefer fuel.

Touch "None" if the driver is not getting either type of fuel.

Note: If Customer is using a Bank Card you may get a System Message on your Register to enter the Maximum Sale Amount.

Fleet Data Entry

On the Fleet Data Entry screen, enter the necessary driver information.  The only fields available will be those that are required by the card processor.

In this example, Comdata requires the (1) Company Name, (2) Truck Number, and (3) Driver Number information.  

(4) Once you have entered the driver's information touch the FUEL DISP button.

Note: The required information will vary depending on the card type.


You will see a message pop up on the screen confirming that the dispenser is now authorized. The driver can now dispense fuel.

Once the driver has finished fueling, you will need to find his transaction in the list of pending fleet transactions.  Touch the "Pending Fleet" button to pull up the list of Pending Fleet Transactions.

Select The Transaction

(1) Touch the transaction to highlight it in the list.

(2) Touch the "Select" button.

Ring Sale

Ring Sale

The fuel is released and ready to be rang into the register.  Touch the "Ring Sale" button.

Loyalty Card Prompt

Loyalty Card Prompt

Swipe loyalty card then press OK or Touch the Cancel button.

Tender The Transaction

Press the Tender method that was used to start of the transaction.

For example, if Credit was the method tendered you would Touch the Credit button and have customer either swipe or insert their card into the MX 915 (EMV) Pinpad Card Reader Slot.

Once the card is inserted into the MX915 Pinpad Slot. Credit, Debit, EBT buttons will be displayed on the MX 915 pinpad.

For Credit transaction, the "Select Credit" message on the MX 915 Pinpad will be displayed.

Press YES if amount is correct.

If a PIN is required, a message Please enter your PIN will be displayed.

Enter PIN, and press Enter.

Requesting Credit

The Register will display a System Message that the transaction information is being sent to the credit card processor.  

If a signature is required, a signature box will be displayed on the Pinpad

Once the transaction is approved a large TFT receipt will print for the customer.