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How Do I Change Fuel Prices From the Register?

This lesson will teach you how to change fuel prices from the register

From the Manager Menu - Select "Manager Keys"

Select "Set Fuel Prices"

A Fuel Price Maintenance Box will pop up on your Register Screen

Step 1 - Select the Product Type in the Fuel Price Maintenance Box, for this example we have selected Diesel Regular. Step 2 - Enter you New Fuel Amount, "You will need to account for 3 decimal places in your new Fuel Price number".  Once you have entered your New Fuel Amount touch the Load Now Button as displayed in Step 3.

A Notification Box will pop up after you touch the Load Now button. Press OK to Continue.

Please Pay Special Attention - Do Not Touch the Register Screen Until the Fuel Price Maintenance Box Goes Away

Once the New Fuel Prices are loaded, an Electronic Mail Box will open up on your Register. Select Print to print out a receipt with the Updated Fuel Price Information.