Statement Cycle Setup / Inquiry Maintenance

This lesson will go thru the steps for Statement Cycle Setup / Inquiry Maintenance.

1) Statement Cycle: 1-9    ( When reporting selecting a statment cycle of 0 means print upon request in the report as opposed to using the presetup 1-9 statement cycles) 

2) Statement Format:  A= wide size statement    B= narrow size statement

3) Statement Day:  Days in cycle  ex. 30 

4) Print Message on Statement:   Will print the message at end of statement from file stmnote.X where X is the statement number 1-9.   You can manually add file or use the Message button in screen to add/edit/delete message file.

5) Age By Transaction Date:      Ages by the actual date opposed to using the period assigned the transaction entries.

6) Calculate Late Charges:   To use the Finance Charges section to calculate finance charges.

7) Finance Method (A,O):   A=Average Daily Balance    O=Open Balance

8) Rate (APR):    finance rate

9) Min Days Late:   Minimum days late for adding charge.

10) Min Pay: Minimum payment

11) AR Account: Chart of accounts account for AR entries

12) Fin Chg. Account:  Chart of accounts account for Finance charge recording

13) Balance Over:  Balance exceeds this apply different Rate

14) Rate (APR):  Rate when exceeding Balance Over amount

14) Min Charge:  Minimum charge.  I think this applies to 9).

15) Last Fin. Chg:    Last Finance Charge Date

16) Int. Free Bal:   Interest Free Balance

17) Short Form:   ?? Shorter format (A or B or both I'm not sure about)

18) Weekly:   Checked=Weekly statements.   Statement Days should be set to 7.

19) SemiMonthly:   Checked=SemiMonthly statements