How Do I Setup a Vendor for EDI?

This lesson will teach you how to setup a vendor for electronic receiving.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control

From the Main Menu, click on "Inventory Control".



From Inventory Control, click on "Receiving".

From the Receiving menu, click on the vendor you are setting up EDI for. Then click on the "Edit"button.

Conversion Utility

Conversion Utility

Use the drop down menu to click on the conversion utility associated with your vendor, then click on the "Apply" button.

Full List of Vendor Conversion Utilities

Barjan - barjanupdte

Coremark - coreupdte

McLanes - mclaneupdte

McLanes2 - mcl2updte

Tripi - tripiupdte

Capital Distributing - mclaneupdte

DAS - tripiupdte

EBY Brown - tripiupdte

Farner - farnerupdte

Retalix - rtlaxupdte

McCarty Hull - mctupdte

AFS - afsupdte

Amcon - tripiupdte

HiWay - tripiupdte

Lynco - tripiupdte

Sheehan Majestic - tripiupdte

Additional Information

For additional information on how to setup a new vendor, please see How Do I Setup a New Vendor?.