TravStar1 Point Of Sale SystemManager's Work Station GlossaryWhat Files Should Be Sent to the Register?

What Files Should Be Sent to the Register?

This lesson will teach you what files are required to be sent to each register after changes.

Files That Must Be Sent To Register

The system will read the following files from the register.  This means when any addition or update is done to the setup at MWS, the file must be downloaded to the register.  If changes are not downloaded, then they will not take place at the register.

The System Parameter setup file (Setup Module)

The Tender media setup file (Setup Module)

The Discount setup file (Setup Module)

The Tax table setup file (Setup Module)

The Tax break setup file (Setup Module)

The Department setup file (Setup Module)

The Receipt message setup file (Setup Module)

The Check file maintenance file (Setup Module)

The Mix/match table setup file (Advanced Merchandising Module)

The Employee/salesperson setup file (Employee Management Module)

Files That Require Shift Z Before Being Sent To Register

The following files require a register Z before sending the command file.

System Parameter file (Setup Module)

Department file (Setup Module)

PLU file (Price Book Module)

The Customer file (House Accounts Module)