How Do I Run a Shift Report?

This lesson will teach you how to run a Shift Report.

Daily Procedures

Daily Procedures

From the Daily Procedures tab, click on the "Shift Report" button.

Shift Report

Shift Report

The Shift Report is used to show the total of the day's activity by shift. It also shows the number of voids, canceled sales. and no sales by shift.

(1) Click inside the Beginning Date and Ending Date boxes to chose the report date range. These default to today's date.

(2) Click a print option for the report. This defaults to Online Viewer. From the Online Viewer you can still choose to print the report.

(3) Click on the "Run" button to run the report.

The first section of the shift report breaks down sales, taxes, paid ins, and paid outs by shifts.

Then the report breaks down register tender totals totals by shift

The bottom of the report displays discounts, voids, canceled sales, and no sales by shift .