What Are Department Fields?

This lesson will teach you what the department fields are for department or department group.

Lookup - Search

This screen allows the user to search for departments in 3 different ways (Dept Code, Dept Description, or Dept Group). Click on the column heading to change search types. Note: The down arrow indicates which column is selected.

Dept Code

The department code is a unique 3 digit number used to identify the departments. There can be up to 999 total departments.


The department description can be up to 20 characters.


A department group is a unique 2 digit number. There can be up to 99 department groups. The system accommodates up to 99 different department groups. This allows grouping together similar departments for reporting and organizational purposes.

Note: A department group has nothing to do with a product group. They are two completely separate classifications. One is for classifying departments and the other for classifying PLU's.


HILO stand for high / low. This is a 2 digit number that controls the allowed price of an item within the department. The first number represents the largest possible price. The second number represents the lowest possible price. Both digits in this field must be between 0 and 6.

0 - up to $0.00

1 - up to $0.09

2 - up to $0.99

3 - up to $9.99

4 - up to $99.99

5 - up to $999.99

6 - up to $9999.99

If you want all items in a department to be between $0.00 and $9.99, then the HILO would be 30.

Cost Margin

Cost margin sets the margin of cost for the entire department. This field is only needed when you are doing open department sales.

Note: The number 25 stands for 25%.


A 2 digit number that matches the tax table code you want to assign to the department.

Note: Each department, if taxable, must be assigned a tax table when it is set up. As a result, before you can set up any new departments, you must have already created the tax table in Tax Setup (Please see: How Do I Change My Tax Rate).


The Flag field is used to set the department to a special setting.

00 - no flag

A0 - alcoholic beverage department, verifies customer age (defaults to 21)

B0 - buydown department, allows buydowns to not be included in non-taxable totals

C0 - coupon department, prints coupon code at bottom on receipt

F0 - food stamp department, an item can not be paid for with a foodstamp unless this flag is set

G0 - gas department, allows item to show up on Gas Reports and Z-Reports

K0 - kitchen printer department, any items in this department will have an additional receipt printed in the kitchen so that employees can prepare the food order

L0 - locked department group, places a lock on the department group in the Store Reconciliation so the amount is not adjustable

N0 - negative department, all items have negative dollar amount (common for in-store coupons and lottery redeem)

O0 - oil department, used for fleet transactions (some cards can only buy fuel and oil)

R0 - receipt reference department, items require cashier to type a reference before processing sale

S0 - substance control department, alerts cashier of controlled substance by FDA (Food & Drug Administration)

T0 - tobacco department, verifies customer age (defaults to 18)

W0 - carwash department, enables the carwash code to print at the bottom of the receipt

GL Account

GL Account stands for general ledger account. This field is used to chart the account numbers for sales totals. This account number is used to link to external software.

INV Account

INV Account stands for inventory account. This field is used to chart the account numbers of inventory posted. This account number is used to link to external software.

EXP Account

EXP Account stands for expense account. This field is used to chart the account numbers for the cost of the items sold in the department. This account number is used to link to external software.